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From local acts to bands from around the world, Gerry’s Bar hosts a variety of music styles, ranging from Blues to Rock, Soul, African, Jazz, Roots & Funk.

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Nungwi Nightlife

Date: Every Saturday – DJ Nights!

Time: 8pm till late…

Nungwi Nightlife Gig Schedule:

3 Nov

Filoq & Giulietta


Giulietta, with her incredible soul voice and devastating flow!

Following the DJ Set of FILOQ that will make us move the ass to the end!

Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul and Funk under the banner of groove and minimalism.

6 Nov


10 Nov

DJ Maxtoshiro

13 Nov

Africa Mambo Reggae Band

17 Nov

DJ Maxtoshiro

20 Nov


24 Nov

DJ Maxtoshiro

27 Nov

Africa Mambo Reggae Band

1 Dec

DJ Maxtoshiro

4 Dec


8 Dec

DJ Maxtoshiro

11 Dec

Africa Mambo Reggae Band

15 Dec

DJ Maxtoshiro

18 Dec


22 Dec


Isack Abeneko is a contemporary live performer, singer, songwriter, guitarist and choreographer from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He joins us today to enhance the Nungwi Nightlife Experience!

Isack Abeneko’s music have been created in different traditional dances, melodies and rhythm brought to contemporary music life, which promote Tanzanian traditional and contemporary music that inspired original songs and dance from Tanzania. It is a hope to provide a different perspective to the youth who are inspired by western culture and other music styles. They have not grown up to appreciate their own musical heritage which is disappearing. ABENEKO has released his first album known as ‘MAMA CHAMBEWA‘ which was officially launched in Doa Doa, Uganda in 2015.
He is a talented freelance contemporary performer as a musician, actor, dancer and choreographer focusing on live stage performing arts, such as music, dance and drama in various specific collaboration projects.
ABENEKO’s artistic music work is motivated in the creative and collaborative processes within cultures, politics, economics and technology of Africa for education, entertainment and critique through the power of creative arts.
ABENEKO has participated in different music projects such as cultural exchange programs, training programs and collaborative projects.
He has performed with his Band of 6 members around in Dar es Salaam city, Bagamoyo at Karibu Music festival, Zanzibar, Jinja, Uganda at Doa Doa and etc. Internationally in countries such as South Korea, USA, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Holland, Spain, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi and Mozambique. This has allowed ABENEKO to experience a positive social and economic expansion in his life.    

29 Dec

LEO MKANYIA TRIO – Swahili Blues

Leo Mkanyia is a vibrant young composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer from Dar Es Salaam. Leo’s unique style of music is called “Swahili Blues”.

Mulatu Astatke, legendary Ethiopian Jazz musician, described Leo’s music as “fantastic” during a Tanzania Ethiopia fusion project that brought Leo to Addis Ababa in 2015 and 2017.

Biyi Adepegba, Art Director of Joyful Noise Recordings UK and the London African Music Festival described Leo’s music as “blues which recalls the wonder of the King of African Blues Ali Farka Toure”.

Rachel Doyle from the New York Times admired the “mix of Tanzanian drumming with blues melodies and dansi”.

Tabu Osusa, Director of Ketebul Music in Nairobi and producer of Leo’s third CD praised Leo’s “multi-instrumentalism and his strong ability to perform and record live.

Swahili Blues bridges the gap between old and new. The songs tell stories of history and culture, politics, migration, inequality, and love. They are throwbacks to the 70s and 80s with classic Tanzanian “zilipendwa” dansi sounds, and a contemporary twist; blues, and afrobeat. All are original representations of Tanzanian traditional blues, a genre which Leo is adamant must be preserved.

Leo was born in Dar es Salaam in 1981. Leo began playing the guitar when he was eight years old. His father is an African jazz guitarist who played with the renowned Mlimani Park Orchestra. Leo spent years playing his father’s guitar when he was alone in the house and copying the chords, which he’d seen him play. Music doesn’t pay in Tanzania, and so his father was adamant his son should follow another career. When he found Leo playing a classic Tanzanian song one day, he decided to give his son his wish, and taught him all that he knew.

Today they play together – Leo leading his band and his father on solo guitar.

Leo sings mainly in his mother tongue Kiswahili and sometimes in French and English.


2010: Leo self-released a four-track CD, Dunia Hii.

2011: Leo self-released his first full-length album, titled Jasho Langu.

2017: His third album, produced by Ketebul Music in Nairobi, is Bangili, a 15-track CD featuring Kenyan traditional musicians Winyo, Nyota Ndogo, and Makadem.

31 Dec

DJ Maxtoshiro

5 Jan

IviZAble – DJ Set

A mythical being, whom has traveled from distant planets in the Sonarverse, has taken to the stage and streets of Earth. A refugee of Xi, relying solely on the trusty AX synth, audio hardware, laser sharp solos and explosive dance moves, inviZAble, creates a new sound: XiFi.

Uniquely, InviZAble is the embodiment of harmony, half computer chip programmed to identify resonance and half machine. InviZAble is on a quest to find balance on planet earth through creating Awehness. InviZAble can only see humans as energy and not by name and is unable to identify the other person you speak of.


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